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Revive your furniture with our refinishing and reupholstering services. Our skilled artisans will transform your worn-out pieces into stunning, like-new furniture. From refinishing wood surfaces to updating upholstery, we handle it all.

To get started, simply send us photos and a description of what you want to achieve. Our team will provide personalized recommendations and a quote tailored to your project. Whether it's a beloved heirloom or a thrift store find, we'll bring your vision to life.

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What can we Refinish?

In the realm of furniture refinishing, a myriad of items can undergo a rejuvenating transformation. Wooden furniture, ranging from elegant tables to beloved dressers, can be refinished to breathe new life into tired or dated pieces. The process often involves meticulous sanding to remove blemishes, followed by staining or painting to achieve the desired aesthetic. Cabinets, whether in the kitchen or bathroom, can be refreshed to harmonize with evolving interior styles. Even outdoor furniture, weathered by the elements, can benefit from refinishing treatments that not only revive their appearance but also safeguard them against further environmental wear. In essence, furniture refinishing offers a versatile and sustainable approach to preserving, enhancing, and personalizing the pieces that furnish our living spaces.

How long does the refinishing process take?

The duration of refinishing furniture can vary widely depending on several factors, including the size and complexity of the piece, the type of finish you're applying or removing, and the extent of any repairs needed. Here are some general guidelines:

Small Projects: Small furniture items, like nightstands or chairs, may take a few days to a week to refinish. This includes time for sanding, staining or painting, and allowing the finish to properly cure.

Medium-Sized Pieces: Larger pieces, such as dressers or tables, can take anywhere from a week to several weeks. This is because there is more surface area to prepare, and additional time may be needed for multiple coats of finish to dry.

Complex or Antique Pieces: Intricate or antique furniture with detailed carvings or delicate features may require more time and care. The restoration process could take several weeks or even months, particularly if there are extensive repairs or if special techniques are employed to preserve the piece's historical integrity.

Drying and Curing Time: Keep in mind that the drying and curing time of the finish is a significant factor. Even if the actual refinishing work only takes a few days, the finish may need additional time to fully cure and harden before the furniture can be used.

Weather Conditions: Environmental factors, such as humidity and temperature, can affect drying times. Ideal conditions are often recommended for optimal results.

What's the difference between staining and painting?

Staining and painting are distinct finishing techniques with different purposes. Staining enhances the natural beauty of wood by soaking into the material, allowing the grain to show through while providing moderate protection. It offers a translucent or semi-transparent finish and is often chosen for a more natural appearance. On the other hand, painting involves covering surfaces with opaque layers of color, completely concealing the underlying material. Paints provide a wide array of customizable colors and a durable, protective surface, making them suitable for diverse applications and design preferences. The choice between staining and painting depends on whether one seeks to accentuate wood's natural features or achieve a specific color scheme and level of surface protection.

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